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Chanukah-Shaped Latkes


A dreidle latke?? Oh yah! Yummo!!


For the Latkes

1. First you gotta make the batter. You want to keep your potatoes in ice-cold water after you peel them. If not, they will turn brown. Once you finish blending all the potatoes and mixing in the ingredients you want to drain all the extra water out.
2. Then you are going to add oil to your frying pan – about halfway up, so your pan is half full with oil. You can make sure your oil is ready by adding a little batter into the oil and seeing if it sizzles.
3. Put your cookie cutters into the pan and scoop the batter into each of the cookie cutters. You know that they are ready to flip when they no longer stick to the bottom. If you can move the latke then you know that they are ready to flip.
4. When they are brown on both sides they are ready to take out of the pan. Let them cool for a few minutes. Those cookie cutters are HOT! Take your knife and cut along the edge of each of the latkes to help separate them. Then just push them through. They should easily come out. They are so delicious and yummy. The thickness of the potato is what makes these so delightful!


For the past 12 years, Abbey Wolin has been bringing creativity back to the classroom. She has held positions as a regular ed and special education teacher in various schools and yeshivos. She is currently the lead designer and founder of Not 2 Shabbey, a company specializing in hand-painted personalized gifts.