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Chicken Pops in Blueberry Honey Sauce

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My mother likes to make these pops all the time. Every time she visits she leaves me with a batch of chicken lollipops, perfectly lined up in my freezer for the next opportunity I have to entertain.


The sauce is more than you’ll need for the pops. You can freeze all the extras in a ziplock bag or container and use for a different time. It freezes very nicely and actually gets slightly thicker when it freezes. Please note, if you cook this sauce with cutlets (which would taste great) you will end up with purple chicken. Bear that in mind and follow the method here, fully cooking the chicken and then adding the sauce in the last five minutes, or glaze while hot.



In a saucepan, combine all sauce ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce sauce until thickened, about 15 minutes. Let cool.


Preheat oven to broil (low at 400 degrees Fahrenheit). Stand chicken pops upright in a baking pan (with bone up). Sprinkle salt and pepper. Broil 15 minutes.


As soon as you take the baking pan from the oven, spoon sauce over each pop while chicken is hot. Careful not to get sauce on the bone as it will color it purple.


Can be served hot or at room temperature.


To make chicken lollipops, ask your butcher to cut wings in half. Take the drumstick section away from the chicken from the end of the bone. Next, pull chicken down to the bottom of the bone. Do NOT pull off the meat; leave it attached to the bone. Now you have a “lollipop” chicken!

What can you do with them? Fry them and add a sauce (the glaze from your sesame chicken or hot popper sauce), broil them (as in this recipe), or bread and bake.