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cookie dough lotus blondies


lotus blondie



1. cream sugar and oil add baking soda and salt mix
2. add flour and mix
3. slowly fold in chocolate chunks
4. split dough in half put first half on bottom of greased parchment lined 9×13
5. lay 12-14 biscuits across the dough until covered
6. to other half of dough Add the lotus butter and 1 egg and mix well
7. distribute the dough evenly across the top of the biscuits oat down so it covers the bottom layer completely
8. crack the rest of the biscuits into smaller pieces and distribute across top layer by pushing into dough
9. bake for 40 minutes or until edges are golden
10. cool for 30 minutes than remove from pan by lifting parchment paper out iof pan allow to cool for 10 more minutes than cut into squares