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Easy Mushroom Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner


Submitted by Sori Goldstein   I love mushrooms and salmon and try to keep my salmon recipes as healthy as possible. I don’t like to add any sugar based sauces to top my salmon with or unhealthy oils. This combo of mushrooms and the Trader Joe’s umami spice blend with just a drizzle of avocado is mouthwatering and healthy! The mini peppers on the side are an easy way to get another veggie in. I usually serve with quinoa.


1. Place salmon on baking paper. Rinse mini peppers and place near salmon.
2. Sprinkle kosher salt on everything. On the salmon sprinkle Trader Joe’s Mushroom spice, on top of that place sliced baby Bella mushrooms.
3. On the peppers sprinkle Trader Joe’s onion salt.
4. Drizzle a little avocado oil over everything.
5. Bake 400 F about 25 min.