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Estee’s Hummus


Everyone has their own version of how to make hummus – this is my favorite, creamy and thick. This hummus goes really well on challah.


Yields about 2 cups

1. Pop the shells off the chickpeas and place the shelled chickpeas into a food processor with the liquid from the can. (An easy way to remove the shells is to place the drained chickpeas on a clean towel and rub gently. The shells will come off in moments!)
2. Add the tahini paste, garlic and lemon juice and process together until smooth and creamy.
3. Taste and add salt according to taste. Add cumin and blend again.
4. Place hummus on a flat plate and make a well in the center using the back of a spoon. Add reserved chickpeas and sprinkle with olive oil and za’atar. Chill before serving.

Notes: I like my hummus to be a bit thicker and creamier, so this recipe calls for more chickpeas than many recipes do. If you prefer thinner hummus, subtract 3/4 cup chickpeas from the amount above.