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Honey, Fig and Red Wine Ribs




Place ribs in a pan large enough to hold them in a single layer (or use two pans.) (I like to use the extra-large aluminum pans, for easy cleanup.)


Mix spices well and spread on both sides of ribs.


Cover pan very tightly with aluminum foil, and bake at 275 degrees Fahrenheit (convection – or 300 regular bake) for two to three hours, depending on the thickness.


After two hours, drain any liquid/fat that was released from ribs. (I like to change pans.)


When ribs are almost ready, mix all sauce ingredients except for rosemary.


Pour mixture over ribs, add rosemary sprigs, and bake at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for an additional two hours or until meat is very soft.


According to the OU guidelines, fresh figs can be inspected for insects in the following manner. Wash the figs and examine the exterior surface. Then, slice into quarters. Examine the inside of the fig for webbing or obvious signs of insect damage.