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Ice Bowls



To Create the Ice Bowls


You Will Need:

• water
• 4 empty half-gallon cartons
• 4 empty one-quart cartons
• 1 metal skewer
• wooden skewers



Rinse the empty cartons. Cut the half-gallon cartons straight across, five inches up from the base. Cut the one-quart cartons three inches up from the base.


Place the smaller carton in the center of the larger carton. Keep the top edges of both cartons flush and pierce them through both sides with a metal skewer (not wooden; metal will make piercing the carton easier) no more than one inch from the top. Place a wooden skewer through the holes.


Add water below the skewer in the space between the two cartons. Freeze for at least two days.

To Serve


Remove the bowls from the freezer. Place a twice-folded paper towel underneath them to absorb the melting water. Place three scoops of desired dessert into bowls. Add a mint leaf and cookie twist to garnish.