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Kid-Friendly Brisket


Mmmm, brisket — the perfect main dish for summer barbecues, special occasions, and Shabbat gatherings with friends. Are you looking for a recipe that’s a snap to prepare and guaranteed to please your picky eaters? Try this delicious, fast, recipe developed by Eitan, from the 2016 PJ Our Way Design Team. When he’s not cooking up delicious recipes that kids can share with their families, Eitan is the 2018-19 National Design Team Teen Leader. Watch the video below or scroll down for the short list of ingredients and preparation instructions. 


Prepare the Brisket


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.


Place your onions down in a single layer in a 9 x 13-inch sized pan. Place the brisket on top of the onions.


Mix the ketchup, vinegar, BBQ sauce and onion soup mix in a bowl.


Pour the liquid mixture on top of brisket, making sure to coat the meat evenly. Cover and seal the pan with aluminum foil.


Cook in the oven for three hours.


Take out the brisket and let it rest and cool for an hour.


Have a grownup slice the brisket thinly. 


Make sure to put your leftover brisket back in the pan to freeze the leftovers! Don’t forget to reheat your brisket after freezing it – no one likes an ice cold brisket.


With thanks to PJ Library, where this recipe originally appeared.