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Layered Meat Pie


Learn how to prepare this showstopper meat main dish, perfect for a special occasion or holiday dinner. Layered Meat Pie will truly impress your guests and win over meat lovers.


Prepare Layer I

1. Divide beef neck meat among two greased 10-inch loaf pans.
2. Sprinkle garlic powder.

Prepare Layer II

1. Combine and mix all ingredients.
2. Remove a quarter of the mixture, and set aside. Divide remaining three quarters of the mixture and spread over beef.

Prepare Layer III

1. Place veal neck meat over chopped meat. Sprinkle with garlic powder.
2. Top with a thin layer of reserved chopped meat mixture.
3. Cover tightly and bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for two and a half hours.

Prepare the Topping (Optional)

1. Drizzle oil and sprinkle cornflakes crumbs 20 minutes before done.
2. Cool thoroughly before slicing. Reheat prior to serving.
3. May be served with Mushroom or Celery Sauce.


Photography and styling by: Elazar Klein Studio