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Lintriya (Moroccan Chicken Soup with Noodles)


If you grew up in a Moroccan home, Lintriya was a staple. It was the comfort food most kids enjoyed and continue to enjoy today. 


Traditionally, this soup is made with chicken broth and egg noodles. Some add mini pieces of chicken to it as well. I added fried onions and mushrooms to give it a little more flavor, and the results were insane! 


And what better noodles to use than Manischewitz? They’re the only ones I use! The consistency stays perfect, and the noodles get flavored from within when cooked in the broth. 


It’s a kid favorite in my home! Hope it’ll be in yours too! 



Prepare the Lintriya


Heat oil at medium high heat in a large six-quart pot. Once hot, toss in onion and fry until brown. Add mushrooms and caramelize until all liquid is gone. 


Add in broth, water, and spices. Bring to a boil. 


Add egg noodles. Turn off the heat and quickly close the lid of the pot. Do not open for at least 20 minutes. Residual heat will cook the pasta.


Serve hot and enjoy!


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