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Meat Puffs


delicious meat in dough this can be made also in a triangular shape to make a bareca and you can also sprinkle sesame seeds if you’d like! ENJOY!! ( I have posted the bareca picture before backed above)



1. 1. Mix up the chopped meat, vinegar, soy sauce, and barbecue sauce
2. 2. Sauté the meat mixture until brown flipping it over every so often
3. 2. Spray muffin tins and put each square of puff pastry in with the corners sticking out
4. 3. take a scoop of sautéed meat and put it into each puff pastry square
5. 4. pinch each corner of dough together to close it up and brush with egg
6. 5. bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes