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moms cherry cheesecake


delicious light cream cheese cake



1. Seperate 5 eggs into two bowls put yolks on your machine (kitchen aid) add 1cup suger slowly until lemon color. add cream cheese then sour cream then vanilla and flour mix till nice and smooth. beat egg whites in seperate bowl till peaks form add egg whites to yolk mixture . using 10 inch spring form pan spray with Pam. In a food processor fit with bottom blade break up one package graham crackers 1/4 cup suger and 1teaspoon cinamon blend all till fine crumbs are formed ! Pour crumbs into springform pan( no butter)Pour cheese mixture on top of the crumbs Bake T 275 degrees for 1hour and 10 minutes DO NOT OPEN DOOR FOR ONE MORE HOUR. Topping : 1can sour pitted cherries 1/2 cup suger 2Tablespoons corn starch. pour off Cherry Juice into 1cup measuring cup fill cup with water added to cherry juice to make 1cup pour liquid into small sauce pan add suger and cornstarch h stir with wire whisk till cornstarch disappears heat over low heat one minute till thick! pour cherries into cherry mixture . Let cool . take cheese cake out of oven after the hour allow to cool put in fridge when cherries are cooled a little pour cherries over cheese cake. Refrigerate
2. overnight. Enjoy.