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Pancake Cheese Pops


What could be better than a hot cup of coffee with a sweet take on your favorite breakfast food?


These pancakes pops took some testing and tweaking to get just right for you and we’re delighted with the result.


We tried, tested, tasted, and approved them—now it’s your turn to give it a go.


Yield: 16-20 pops


This recipe is from the Mehadrin Shavuos Cookbook.



Add whipped cream to the pancake batter, mix well. Transfer to a squirt bottle for easy and mess-free pouring.


Blend farmer cheese, cottage cheese, sugar, and vanilla sugar until smooth and set aside.


Grease a large frying pan or griddle with cooking spray.


Pour about a tablespoon of batter for each pancake. Stick a cake pop into only half of the pancakes, leaving the others empty.


While it’s cooking, add a teaspoon of cheese mixture to the center of the pancakes with the sticks, then flip the plain pancakes over them, to cover (like a sandwich).


Continue cooking the pancake sandwiches, flipping until both sides are golden, then place on a wire rack to cool. Repeat until the batter is done.


To garnish, drizzle with dark and/or white chocolate and sprinkle some brittle.