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Rainbow Sorbet (Large Yield)


A light and elegant frozen dessert for your special celebration. This recipe yields many servings.


Prepare the Sorbet

1. Dissolve lemon jello and sugar in boiling water. Add juices. Place bowl into freezer.
2. Repeat for the other two layers, freezing each bowl separately.
3. When the first mixture is semi-frozen, blend it and pour into five 10-inch bundt pans. Freeze for 30 to 60 minutes. Repeat procedure for other two layers, pouring atop the first layer in the bundt pans.


May also be prepared in mini bunt pans for individual servings. To remove sorbet from pans, place directly under hot tap water for one minute until sorbet loosens. Remove from pans and freeze immediately to preserve shape.


Photography and Styling by Peri Photography