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Salmon Crouton Salad


Submitted by Esther S K This recipe came about one Yom Tov morning when I realized I didn’t have enough salmon for all my guests, and needed a way to stretch it. Now I make it on purpose, and it always gets rave reviews!


1. Cut salmon into 1 inch by 1/2 inch rectangles. Mix mayonnaise, honey and mustard in a bowl and add salmon. Let it sit for at least half an hour. Mix cornflake crumbs with salt and pepper. Add salmon cubes to crumbs and toss to coat.
2. In a pan, heat up an inch of oil on a medium-low flame. Add breaded salmon cubes to the pan, and fry till golden (about 2-3 minutes per side).
3. Put lettuce and purple onion in serving bowl. Mix dressing ingredients together and pour over salad. Top with salmon croutons and serve.