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Sandwich Cappuccino Ice Cream Cake


Cappuccino, cheesecake, and caramel ice cream sandwiches? Yes, please! This eye-catching ice cream cake is a burst of your favorite flavors in every bite.


When making this cake, keep in mind that ice cream sandwiches melt quickly. We recommend assembling this cake with a kitchen buddy so that one person can unwrap and slice the ice cream sandwiches while the other person lines the pan.


This recipe is from the Mehadrin Shavuos Cookbook.



Add butter to the crushed cookies, press it down to line the bottom of a lined nine-inch springform pan.


In a bowl, beat cream cheese, sugar, vanilla sugar, egg yolks, and diluted cornstarch. Add in the melted chocolate and continue to beat until well combined.


In a separate bowl, beat the whip until stiff, then combine it with the cheese mixture. Set aside.


Unwrap the ice cream sandwiches and use a sharp knife to cut each one in its width and length so you have four pieces. Line them up standing around the wall of the springform pan (the cookie parts should be touching the wall of the pan). Once you have a full circle of sandwich ice cream, continue to make a second row.


Fill the remainder of the pan with the cheese mixture. It should reach the height of the ice cream sandwiches. Freeze overnight.


To create the chocolate bark, melt the chocolate chips. Cut a long sheet of parchment paper (about the size of a baking sheet) and use a rolling pin to wrap the end of the paper tightly around it. Spread the melted chocolate thinly on the rest of the paper. Roll it up and refrigerate or freeze until firm. Unroll it and it’ll break into chocolate bark pieces.


Carefully unmold the springform pan.


Squeeze whipped cream on the top and sides of the cake and use a butter knife to smooth it out.


Drip caramel sauce around the edge of the cake and use the chocolate bark to decorate the top. No rules here, just use your creativity.