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Savory Asian Lettuce Wraps


Submitted by Adina Abramov


This is a recipe I created because I am gluten free and was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes. I have to watch my sugar and starch intake, yet was looking for an easy to make dinner that would still be delicious and satisfying. This recipe fits both of those bills, and I eat it at least twice a week and never get tired of it. It’s delicious and excellent for anyone following a low carb, keto, paleo, gluten free or any other health-conscious diet. I never feel deprived. Hope your readers and followers enjoy in good health!



Wash and check lettuce leaves that are large enough to serve as wraps, dry and set aside.


Chop small onion and sauté.


Add freshly minced garlic cloves. Add mushrooms. Add freshly minced ginger (or dry ginger).


Add ground poultry and cook until no longer pink and juices appear clear.


Add diced water chestnuts. Add soy sauce. Add sweetener. Add black pepper. Add sriracha. Cook for five minutes.


Let cool for about five minutes.


Spread lettuce leaves on plate and add a heaping spoon of mixture on edge. Squeeze some fresh lime and drizzle tomato dip and roll up.