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Savory Breakfast Power Bowl


If you need to be out most of the day, including lunchtime, consider making breakfast a larger, nutritionally-packed meal like this one. You can put this power bowl together the night before and have it cold. If you like something warm, just add good ol’ scrambled or soft-boiled eggs.


Prepare the Savory Breakfast Power Bowl

1. Prepare grain of choice according to package instructions (make more, if desired, so you’ll have enough for a few days).
2. Sauté greens or chop up if using fresh. Prepare raw or roasted veggies.
3. Make eggs your favorite (or most convenient) way.
4. Add any additional toppings you have on hand (pickles, anyone?).
5. Add some olive oil, spices, and toppings to taste. Toss and enjoy!


Customize your power bowl! Use a starchy veggie instead of these pseudo-grains for your complex carb, and switch out the roasted veggies with either leftovers from last night’s dinner or some simple cucumbers and tomatoes. Who said a healthy breakfast was boring?


Styling by Chana Rivky Klein

Photography by Hudi Greenberger