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Shawarma Burgers with Cucumbers and Tahini-Dill Sauce


Still want the ease of the grill, but tired of the same “American” flavors? Since the summer began I’ve been thinking of making a Mediterranean burger. But I never got around to it, because, frankly, it’s just so much easier to buy the premade sliders so why do the extra work of forming patties? Then I had this idea. It’s the best of both worlds: new flavor without the extra work. I find the tahini in the squeeze bottles much easier to use.


Perpare the Shawarma Burgers with Cucumbers and Tahini-Dill Sauce

1. Add shawarma seasoning onto a plate. Very gently press each slider into the seasoning mix to coat.
2. Grease and preheat a grill or grill pan. Add slider and cook about three to four minutes per side.
3. Meanwhile, whisk together tahini-dill sauce ingredients.
4. Slice open mini pitas. Add slider, cucumbers, and drizzle with sauce.


Photo by Chana Rivky Klein