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Sparkling Summer Punch


A fresh and light beverage that can easily be transformed into an outrageously delicious sparkling wine cooler by adding a bottle of Morad Lychee Wine. The lychee wine is low in alcohol and adds a huge burst of flavor. Trust me, you do not need to be daring to try this punch out!


Make the Punch

1. If you have time, pour the Hawaiian punch into ice cube bags or an ice cube tray and freeze.
2. Blend the blueberries in your food processor with the S blade. Add lemon juice and blend again. Transfer to a four-quart pitcher.
3. Pour in the ginger ale and cranberry juice. Chill.
4. Immediately before serving, pop the Hawaiian punch cubes into the pitcher (or, if you didn’t make cubes, just pour in). Add wine, if desired. Float lemon slices on top.


Only float the lemon slices when you are ready to serve as they will add too much of a tangy flavor if they are immersed in the punch for a long time.


Photography: Lisa Monahan.