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Super Crunchy “Latke” Fire Poppers


Submitted by H Kulefsky



Prepare the latke recipe. Make sure to use the shredder blade for the Braun food processor. Also make sure to squeeze out any excess liquid by straining the potatoes after they are shredded through a cheesecloth.


Put the potato mixture back in a bowl and add the remaining ingredients, including cayenne if using.


Now, start heating your oil to deep fry the latkes.


After you have the latke batter prepared, use your cookie scooper to create even size balls.


After all the balls are prepared, take one ball at a time and squeeze out a little of the excess liquid and make a tight ball. (Do not squeeze out too much liquid so the ball can keep retain its shape). Then roll it in the panko crumbs to coat.


When the oil is heated, place the balls in the hot oil and cook until golden brown and cooked through inside. If the latke’s are not super crispy when you take them out then when all the latkes are finished, you can raise the flame and add them back in to the hot oil to crisp up.


Take out the balls and let cool on a cooling rack.


When all the balls are finished, make a hot sauce mixture by mixing the hot sauce and honey. If you like things super spicy then add more hot sauce, and if you don’t like too much heat, then add more honey. Suggested to serve the sauce as a dip so the balls don’t lose their crunchiness from the sauce. Enjoy!


If you want some heat inside the latke balls you can add some cayenne pepper to the latke mixture.