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The Rebbetzin’s Gefilte Fish


This light and fluffy homemade gefilte fish recipe was given to me by Rebbetsin C. Muller. I used to spend many Shabbos afternoons at their home. Years later, searching for that perfect gefilte fish recipe, I knew exactly where to go. This recipe also works for Pesach as well.


Prepare the Loaves


Grate carrots and onions very finely. Place in a large bowl.


Add fish, eggs, sugar and white pepper. Mix well, add salt and mix again. The salt pulls together the mixture.


Place two pieces of Gefen Parchment Paper (about 18 inches long) on a flat surface and make them slightly wet by wiping them with a wet cloth. Place half of the mixture onto the centre of each piece of paper and roll paper around the mixture, forming a log, twisting at the ends to seal.



In a large pot, combine about one and a half inches of water, sugar, salt, pepper, sliced onions and whole carrots. Bring to a boil.


Place logs into boiling water and cover and simmer for 45 minutes. Remove the paper from around the fish and let simmer for 45 minutes more. Serve cold.


Use small fancy cookie cutters to cut out fancy shapes from the cooked carrots. Use as a garnish on the fish slices when serving.