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Tiramisu Cake


Tiramisu is a no-bake, classic Italian desert that is super simple and quick to prepare. In this non-dairy version, the subtle coffee flavor is present without being overpowering, and the cream is just the perfect amount of creaminess, All you need is 10 minutes to prepare this no-bake, pareve Tiramisu, a desert that will wow your guests with it’s stunning presentation and spectacular taste!


Make the Cream


Whip the topping, then add the rest of the ingredients and whip until stiff.

Make the Tiramisu


Soak the leveled side of each cake with coffee.


Layer cakes with cream in the middle, coffee sides touching the cream.


Frost the entire cake with remaining cream and press ladyfingers into the entire perimeter. Tie a ribbon around the ladyfingers and dust with cocoa for a pretty presentation!


Prepare the coffee by combining ingredients in a seperate bowl.