Uncle Jack’s Coleslaw

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At my Shabbos sheva brachos, one of my new brothers-in-law made a joke in his speech about my husband being a famous coleslaw maker. I hadn’t known about that before the speech, but once I tried his coleslaw, I knew why he was famous for it! It’s been a few years, baruch Hashem, and this coleslaw is still the one that graces our Shabbos and picnic tables without fail.

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Prepare the Coleslaw

  1. Mix all dressing ingredients well.

  2. Add cabbage and mix or shake to coat well.

  3. For best consistency, refrigerate overnight, or at least 4 hours (more is definitely better). Keeps for 5–6 days in the fridge.


We like to make the coleslaw in a plastic container that has a tight-fitting lid. After adding the cabbage and mixing, we turn the whole thing upside down in the fridge. After a few hours we turn it right side up again. This helps the cabbage really soak up the dressing. You can also pack the cabbage into the container tightly; as long as the cover closes it is fine. The cabbage will shrink once it settles into the liquid. Enjoy!

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