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Wild Rice with Roasted Carrots


Submitted by Rachel Gibbs


Perfect side dish to any meal. Use colorful carrots and purple onions for an unexpected twist!



Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.


Chop carrots into 1/2 in chunks and place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Cut up the onion in 1/2 in dice and sprinkle amongst the carrots. Drizzle carrots & onions with olive oil and sprinkle the salt, pepper and garlic powder. Mix them with your hands on the cookie sheet and pop into the oven. Roast for 35–40 minutes, tossing halfway through.


While the veggies roast, boil the water for the rice and add in the onion salt. Pour in rice and let cook according to package instructions.


Once the rice has a chance to cool a bit, combine the rice and veggies into a bowl and serve! You can top with parsley or pomegranates as a nice garnish.