Green and White Balloon Party!

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Green and white oversized helium balloons tied to white marble inspired tonight's look. You can use this look as inspiration for an upsherin, birthday party, or another special occasion. Add some candles for sparkle and it's time for a great party! 


To recreate this easy, fun, and festive look at home, you will need:

Green Glass Charger

Basic White Modern Plate

Mirror Silverware

Menu cards cut out as round circles LovePaperie

White Buffet Napkins

Glassware: Lime Wine Glasses Green Stemware

Mini Waterbottles with customized labels (can act as name cards as well) LovePaperie

Green and white balloons (20 inch latex filled with helium)


White Tumbled Marble Rocks

Candles in glass holders: Green Votives


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