Mini Cheesecake with Heart: Renee's Table


Cheesecake is the kind of sinful we all want to indulge in occasionally.
That’s why I love to make cheesecake in muffin tins. Each serving is the
perfect size to savor, and I know they’ll always look like perfection on
any plate.

This recipe is one of my favorites because the hearts are easy to create
and add a delicious touch of fruity flavor. For this recipe, I used
frozen raspberries, but you can also use strawberries if that’s what
your family prefers!

The fruit coulis is also great for some easy yet elegant plating. I got
creative with some piping tips, melted chocolate, and cocoa powder too
for that extra impressive finish. After adding the melted chocolate,
it’s a good idea to freeze the plate for a minute so that it can harden.

When I know I’m going to be making this recipe for a holiday, I always
make the plates ahead of time. At my table, a little chocolate and a
little cheesecake go a long way!


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