Salmon: Renee's Table

Here's a gorgeous way to plate a simple, delicious salmon recipe.


As a working woman, I find I get to host most on Shabbos. The fish course always makes the first appearance at the table and we all know, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Therefore, I usually take my time plating and displaying the fish in a eye catching, appealing manner.


Using a mandoline or a standard peeler, slice a cucumber evenly, peel on. You are best off using small persian cucumbers. Once you have 5-6 slices lay them out as shown. Mix some chrein and mayonnaise to create a pretty pink crayonnaise and confidently drop some with a spoon and then swoosh. You can do this, and the less you think about it the better. Quick, decisive movements are key.

Top with some greens (micro green pea shoots work well here), then place the salmon over it on an angle. Top with some more greens and a bit of black pepper, if desired.


(Cucumbers can be sliced before shabbos. Just store in a paper towel until ready to use.)



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