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We have no words for this table. OK, maybe one word. WOW. It's literally a show-stopper. It looks crazy elaborate, but you can totally recreate this on your own scale. The basics are key: Height, candles, flowers, and repetition. As per Scoop and Co's signature style, it includes many coordinating details that takes it over the top. Name cards and menus, are beautifully presented by Love Paperie. Floral design by Scoop and Co. The furniture you see here is courtesy of Luxe Event Rentals. The food, most certainly meant to impress, is huge thanks to Chef Isaac Bernstain and Pomegranate Market. This table is set up to be a home-style, traditional Purim dinner in functionality, but on all aesthetic counts, it will be nothing your family has ever experienced before. Watch Heshy Jay as he demonstrates how to recreate this beauty- one step at a time.



Gold Bowl Pedestal Vases




Gold Cutlery

Cloth Napkin

Gold Beaded Salad Plate

Wooden Spoons

Order your Party from Pomegranate Market!

Love Paperie: Personalized Menus, Seating Cards



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