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Carolina Gelen

Carolina Gelen
I’m a recipe developer, food stylist & videographer.  I am a food52 resident, and NYT cooking freelance contributor.  I’ve appeared on GMA ( Good Morning America ) and one of my videos was selected by Instagram on their new rollout.  Yada yada yada & blah blah blah. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to talk herself up but in this age of social media you have to tell your expertise. Cooking is my life passion I’ve been doing since I was 5. My goal is to make cooking as approachable and fun as possible.  I make fun videos and easy to follow recipes to show cooking isn’t as difficult as people make it seem.  I’m happiest when someone shares with me a photo of one of my recipes.  You can find more of me on social media @carolinagelen
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