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Ann Reardon

Ann Reardon
Ann Reardon is a wildly inventive food scientist, dietician, and pastry chef whose crazy, sweet creations draw millions of fans each week all around the world. Episodes of Ann’s award-winning series How to Cook That have been viewed almost a billion times by foodies and cooking enthusiasts, all eager to learn the secrets to her extravagant cakes, chocolate, and desserts. As well as producing a nonstop carnival of eye-popping creations and fun baking challenges, Ann is also a gifted teacher who gives clear, no-nonsense instructions for people to recreate her recipes as their own masterpieces at home. She was voted the world’s best online chef in the US Taste Awards, and her culinary artistry has been celebrated on a myriad of TV programs and websites as well as in newspapers. She lives in Melbourne with her husband Dave and their three handsome boys. who regularly appear on the show—and thoroughly enjoy sampling her delicious creations!
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