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Bosh Boshnack

Bosh Boshnack
At age 16 he was trained as a butcher. During his college years, you could find him in the commercial kitchen, catering, and working as a private chef.

Over the last 10 years, he has been slowly returning to the commercial kitchen through consulting, and private cooking. He wanted to expand his knowledge base and become a shohet and manager under the tutelage of Rabbi Avidan Elkin.

Currently certified to harvest and clean birds and small animals including the back half of the mammals, he strives to finish his learning on larger animals such as steers and then help bring back half cuts to the kosher consumer, as well as bringing shechita to small communities.

Currently, he is a partner at Carbon Charcoal Bar and Grill in Crown Heights NY and the brand ambassador for the Marble & Grain meat company.
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