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Renee Muller

Raised in the pristine surroundings of southern Switzerland’s Lake Lugano, Renee Muller learned to cook in the traditional Northern Italian tradition emphasizing freshness, simplicity and flavor. When she moved to the US in 2002, she continued honing her culinary skills. On a whim, she entered and won a recipe contest which landed her a regular column in a national weekly Jewish magazine. Her cookbook Our Table is her first foray into refining, compiling and sharing her favorite recipes in a single volume, all time-tested and confirmed by her most discriminating tasters – her family, friends and tens of thousands of column readers. Gifted with an artistic eye for presentation, Renee has become an in-demand food stylist, working frequently with world-class food photographers. A popular writer and professional foodie, Renee lives in Lakewood NJ with her husband and children.