Community Chef
Beth Warren

Beth Warren
Nationally recognized registered dietitian-nutritionist Beth Warren has been featured on numerous national and local television and radio programs, along with print and online publications sharing her kosher expertise and practical nutrition approach to healthy living.

Beth is the founder and CEO of Beth Warren Nutrition, LLC, a NY-based nutrition private practice that counsels about 150 patients per week. She is the lead nutritionist for the Morris I. Franco Cancer Center and the sports nutritionist of over 500 runners annually for Team SBH, a not-for-profit charity organization. She also works as a consultant and speaker for schools and businesses. She has been a speaker at professional and consumer events and is a proud member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Beth enjoys living an active lifestyle in Brooklyn with her husband and 5 children. She grew up in a Jewish home and continues to cook traditional kosher recipes adding a nutritious modern twist for her family.
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