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Urvashi Pitre

Urvashi  Pitre
Dr. Urvashi Pitre is the president and founder of Tasseologic, a data-driven marketing agency. But she is also the blogger behind, a recipe blog devoted to sharing well-tested recipes with the world. Her focus is on recipes, the focus is on whole foods instead of artificial convenience ingredients, so the recipes are delicious, easy, and healthful. Since she views food and home-cooking as a way toward health, she creates recipes that are for the Instant pot, for air fryers, for keto/low carb diets as well as for several other dietary restrictions. She calls her recipes #stupidsimple, but her followers use #trustUrvashi to describe the often unusual combinations of flavors, and the careful flouting of all traditional methods of cooking--all in the pursuit of the most authentic flavors in the shortest, most efficient way possible.
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