Meaty Mushroom Soup

Faigy Grossman Recipe By Faigy Grossman
  • Cook & Prep: 3 h
  • Serving: 8
  • Contains:

Perfect for Succos, this gourmet-tasting soup packs in loads of flavor, enhanced by the delicious bits of meat that accompany every spoonful.

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Main ingredients

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Make the Soup

  1. In a food processor fitted with the knife blade, chop half of the button and baby bella mushrooms into small pieces. Switch to the slicer and slice remaining mushrooms. Combine all in a bowl and set aside in the refrigerator.


  2. In a large pot, sauté onion in oil until golden; add flour and continue to sauté until flour begins to brown.

  3. Add meat and brown, stirring continuously. Add water and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for one and 1/2 hours.


  4. Add mushrooms, mushroom soup mix, sherry, brown sugar, and seasonings to the pot, and cook on low flame an additional hour, or until meat is falling off the bone.

  5. Remove flanken from pot and shred meat, discarding fat and bones. Return meat to pot. 


  6. Add soy milk to soup and heat through.


Photography: Hudi Greenberger.

Styling: Renee Muller.

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  • yittel margaretten

    Hi to you all,

    I would love to get the recipe of pareve Tortellini. I do have milchige recipe which is heave, i make it all the time but now I am in the mood of pareve. Please help!!
    Posted by yittel margaretten |February 16, 2017
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5 / 5 stars
  • Shan

    very special!

    Was looking for something interesting to make for dinner - this was not hard to make and delicious! Be careful to double check the soy milk before you add it to the soup... there are some brands that are dairy/dairy equipment which can be an issue when poured into a meat soup!
    Posted by Shan |February 13, 2017

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