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Community Chef Guidelines

What are Community Chefs?


Kosher.com community chefs are a key part of the Kosher.com experience, by contributing to what makes our site the most diverse collection of all types of kosher recipes.


We have opened up our site not just to published cookbook authors and magazine recipes, but to the future rising stars of the kosher foodie world.

Anyone who creates their own recipes, whether for a food blog, Instagram, or just for family and friends, can apply to become one of kosher.com’s contributors and see your own recipes on our site, available for everyone to make and enjoy.


The recipes will be accessible on kosher.com via our search and category search recipe pages. Community chefs will also be able to interact with users in our Community and respond to questions and reviews on their recipes.


Rules and Conditions For Community Chefs


By submitting a recipe, you are affirming that it is your own work and you have the rights to share it with us, and that you give kosher.com permission to use it on our other platforms, for example to be posted on social media, on a recipe card, or to be featured in our email newsletter.


Want to share a recipe from your blog, so it can reach kosher.com’s audience too? No problem! Your Kosher.com recipes can include your logo and a link to the blog where your recipes were first posted, giving you the credit you deserve.


You are responsible for sharing with us only recipes that are original and unique to you- we will not accept any recipes or photography that are found to have been plagiarized.


You retain the rights to use your recipe anywhere else you wish (we appreciate a mention of “also published on kosher.com” but this is entirely optional and up to you).


How to Get Started


So are you ready to share your unique food with kosher cooks around the world? Let’s get started by submitting 3 of your original recipes by email with attached .jpg images of 1920 (w) by 1440 (h) pixels to recipes (at) kosher.com. Include links to your website, instagram, or other hosting tools, if applicable, and tell us about yourself in a sentence or two that we can use as your bio. Please allow up to two weeks for a response.


All Community Chef recipe submissions will be reviewed by our editors to make sure they meet the quality that kosher.com readers have come to expect.  To be accepted, the recipe must be a real recipe (ie- “peanut butter + jelly + bread isn’t going to cut it), detailed ingredients (all quantities and measurements must be listed) and clearly written, step by step directions that people can easily follow. Images are required, which should feature good lighting and beautiful food styling that makes the food look appetizing, and high resolution images.


After being granted access, Community Chefs will learn our system for inputting their recipes directly.  After that, you will be able to submit original recipes for publication as often as you like. (All recipes are subject to kosher.com editorial review.)


Let’s get cooking, chefs!