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Nine Days

Searching for meat-free dinner ideas? Use the search filters to help meet your family's unique tastes and needs (no fish? No gluten? No problem) so everyone eats dinner happily.

What Are the Nine Days?

The “nine days” refers to the time between the beginning of the Hebrew month of Av and Tisha b’Av, the observance of the fast commemorating the destruction of the Temple and the Jewish people’s exile from the land of Israel. During this time, Jewish law calls for a subdued communal demeanor and proscribes holding weddings, making major purchases, swimming and bathing for pleasure, and the consumption of wine and meat, among other activities.

Nine Days Meals

Even when you’re a regular consumer of meat and chicken, during the Nine Days you are limited to eating dairy and parve foods. A common question at this time of year is: What can I make for supper that’s meat-free? Whether you are a fan of fish, dairy, eggs, or you want to go all-out and try some vegan meals, you’ll find summer-fresh, quick and easy meatless Nine Days dinners on this page.

When Are the Nine Days in 2023?

In 2023, the Nine Days begin at sundown on July 18, 2023. Some halachic restrictions end with the conclusion of the Tisha b’Av fast at nightfall on July 27, 2023, while others continue into midday on July 28, 2023.

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