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So what is Kosher.com all about?

We thought, what the kosher world really needs is one place where everyone can come together and find the perfect recipes, no matter their style of cooking, personal tastes, allergies, or skill level in the kitchen. Food is something that unites us and brings us together, and now there is one address that combines everything you need.

Whether you want a simple chicken and potatoes dinner recipe, a fancy meringue to impress your mother in law, or a spicy Morrocan fish to bring some new flavor to your table, we have something for you. Even if you are a foodie but not into cooking, you can watch our videos for some kosher entertainment!

In short: Thousands of kosher recipes, videos, articles, tips, so you can find exactly what you need!

Where do I start?

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Depends what you’re looking for! Try the search box to type in whatever strikes your fancy. From Jewish classics like Easy Chicken Soup and Best Challah Ever, to famous desserts like Glazed Coffee Cake Grande, to popular dishes like Sushi Salad, to easy dinners like Faked Ziti and Caramelized Chicken, we bet you that we have something you’ll like. If you want to learn more about cooking, wine, plating and presentation, or many other topics, check out our Shows page and be entertained by any of our great videos. We’re adding new original content every day so keep checking back!

How can I contribute my own recipes as a Community Chef?

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Anyone can become a Community Chef, no previous publishing credits required! Contact us and submit your finished, previously unpublished original recipe with an accompanying high quality photo. We will have it reviewed by our Top Chefs and if they approve and your recipe meets our terms and conditions, you will get your own Community Chef profile on the site, your recipe will be public and ready to be shared with all your friends, and you will be able to continue submitting recipes in the future!

For more details, click here.

I’m having a technical issue. Where can I get help?

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Contact us via our contact page and select the “general support” option.

What can I search for?

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Anything you want, from ingredients to categories to your favorite chef! Also check out our top menu’s categories, and utilize our extensive filtering options once you’re on the search page.

Under ingredients, type in the ingredient you want (to include, or to exclude in the second box) and then click on the best match from the dropdown. Use the checkboxes for all the other filtering options to choose source, dish type, allergens, etc.

When you’re done, don’t forget to click “Apply Filters” to see your results!

If you just want to do a broad search for general keyword match, keep it simple and stick to the big keyword search bar at the top of the search page.

Happy searching!

Can I save my favorite recipes?

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Sure! Create an account and log in, and then you can save recipes to your Recipe Box.

How does the shopping list work?

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Create an account, log in, and then you can add some or all ingredients from any recipe on the site onto your shopping list. When you go to your shopping list, you can print or email your list to yourself so you know exactly what you need to get so that you can actually make the recipe yourself! We’re all about making meal planning easier for you.

How do I print a recipe in a 1-Page Printer-Friendly format?

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Go to the page with the recipe you would like to print. On the left-hand side there will be a menu, click on the grey colored print button and then print it in that format. That will make the recipe print out in a printer-friendly format and without any ads.

Have any other questions?