How to Clean for Passover Without the Stress

Jill Dushey March 14, 2018

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Every year we find ourselves in the same conflict: Wanting to spring clean and Pesach prep at the same time…in just 2-3 short weeks!


Well, this year’s a little different, and some Rabbi’s are saying that with all we have on our plates this year, you shouldn’t go overboard with the cleaning.

However, if you want to do both and not feel stressed, try this method!


First, print out this Pesach Cleaning Planner page. This is what I use to help me keep on top of the holiday prep.


  • Using a PENCIL (because #lifehappens) write down all the rooms in your house you want to get to.
  • Then decide when you want to turn over the kitchen. We’re going to work backwards.
  • Example: Erev Pesach is Wednesday night this year and I want to be turned over by Monday (I don’t do all the cooking, so I don’t need that much time). Give yourself two days to clean + Pesachify (#thatsaword) the kitchen. It’s more frustrating when you don’t give yourself more time than you assume you’ll need.
  • Next, fill in the weeks leading up to Pesach with a room you want to clean per day. This will give you ample time to plow through each room thoroughly. You can spring clean guilt-free when you have a written plan!
  • Take it a step further, and write down when you’ll cook what and plan to bake desserts—if that’s your thing. Be specific with what you want to cook each day. It’ll take out some of the thinking. #instanttimesaver
  • While you’re home with the kids from now until Pesach, think of creative ways they can help you clean for Pesach. Check out our ideas HERE.

Grab your Pesach Cleaning Planner right here!