Behind The Scenes

Meet Orly, The Star Of Our Newest Cooking Show, Savta And Me!

Rachel Kor June 28, 2024

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Have you watched the premiere episode of our new show “Savta and Me“?

At the heart of this show is Savta Orly, a vibrant and charismatic grandmother whose love for cooking is matched only by her devotion to her family. In this premiere episode, viewers are invited to get to know Orly and her granddaughter Shani as they prepare a delicately spiced salmon called chraimie. As you watch the show, you’ll instantly fall in love with Orly’s warmth and knowledge, and Shani’s adorable charm.

Who Is Savta Orly?

But who is Orly, you might be wondering? We’re dedicating this article to that question, not only because she’s the star of our new show, but also because she has an extraordinary background that will make you love her even more.

Early Life

Orly was born in Israel and grew up there before moving to the U.S. in her early 20s. She grew up in a traditional home and served in the Israeli army. Her mother walked to the land of Israel from Damascus during the British occupation and had to be smuggled over the border. Her father escaped Tripoli after WWII as he helped Jews come to the land of Israel, despite it being prohibited at the time. 

The building in which she grew up had neighbors from all over the world, including Russia, Iraq, Poland, Turkey, Romania, and Hungary. On Purim, each household would bake traditional Purim desserts from their origins, and the kids would trade baked goods and they considered that their Mishloach Manot. This multicultural environment fostered Orly’s love for colorful, flavorful, and diverse dishes.

Food and Traditions

In fact, Orly’s cooking and sense of taste was influenced by many factors. She was influenced by the traditions and foods from her parents’ countries of origin. Her mother’s side did not favor spicy food, and had a more subtle, comforting element to their cuisine, while her father’s side was very much influenced by Italian cuisine and spicy foods. Growing up in Israel, Orly was also influenced by Middle Eastern foods, including falafel, hummus, techina, as well as Israeli cuisine in general, which is a fusion of flavors from Moroccan, European, and other global influences.

Everything her parents cooked was made from scratch, from pickles and jams to tuna and baked goods. This introduced her to high-quality food and flavors. Both her parents had a keen sense of aesthetics, ensuring that everything they served, even for Orly’s friends as a kid, was impeccably presented and decorated. This, too, influenced her approach to cooking and presentation.

For Orly, food brings people together and enhances events. There’s a saying, “If someone can’t smile at a fresh loaf of bread, they’re too serious.” Orly embodies this sentiment, always striving to create dishes that are both flavorful and beautifully presented.

We can’t wait to share more episodes of Savta and Me. If you haven’t watched it yet, take a minute and go watch it here.