THE Hottest New Products Esty Wolbe Will Be Using This Passover

Esty Wolbe March 28, 2022

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It’s that time of year again! Passover is fast approaching, and we flock to the supermarkets to stock our pantries with items we hope will mimic our chametz favorites. Here are my favorite new Kosher for Passover items to look out for this year.

Gefen Nut Crumbs

Gefen Nut Crumbs are perfect for coating chicken, fish, onion rings, and everything in between. They’re available in seasoned, spicy, and Mediterranean flavors, to give you plenty of options for mixing and matching throughout Passover. Made from almonds and hazelnuts and nothing artificial, you can feel great about presenting your family with a wholesome meal they’ll love. With protein and fiber (and absolutely no added sugar), these nut crumbs are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Heaven and Earth 70% Dark Chocolate

Heaven and Earth No Sugar Added 70% Dark Chocolate is a real chocolate lover’s dream! Deep, dark, and rich, yet smooth and satisfying. The perfect ending to a heavy Yom Tov meal, along with a cup of Wissotsky mint tea. Simplicity at its finest! Made with quality ingredients, it’s great for snacking or for use in baking. And because there is no added sugar, it’s a wonderful option for those who need to avoid sugary treats but are looking to satisfy that dessert craving we all get.

Haddar Gluten Free Pie Crusts

Haddar Gluten Free Pie Crusts make whipping together a dessert so effortless, you can’t help but fall in love! Choose from Pecan or Original and fill with anything from store-bought softened ice cream to homemade chocolate mousse or your favorite fruit fillings. Prepare your favorite brownie batter, pour, and bake for a simple crowdpleaser. Prefer a deconstructed aesthetic? Simply break it up and sprinkle over lemon mousse and berries, ice cream, or baked apples. It’s an excellent item to stock up on if you are gluten-free all year.

Tuscanini Tomato Paste Tubes

Tuscanini Tomato Paste Tubes are now available in Organic and Basil! I absolutely love the tomato paste tube and use it all year round. It’s faster and easier, and I find myself reaching for it so much more often than I ever did when I used canned tomato paste. Now, we welcome organic and basil-infused options to easily add depth and body to any dish with a simple twist of a cap. A resealable tube means no waste and no mess, and a Tuscanini label means authentic Italian tomatoes and basil packed into every ounce.

Tuscanini Peeled Tomatoes

Tuscanini canned tomato products go hand in hand with the tomato paste! The freshness and quality is simply unmatched and you can taste it in every bite. Lower in acidity, these tomatoes are grown under the sun in Puglia, Italy where it’s always tomato season. You can find them in crushed, diced, whole or whole cherry tomato varieties making this line more versatile than ever before. Add a can to your soup, roast, dips, shakshuka and more.

Tuscanini Calabrian Chili Peppers

Tuscanini Calabrian Chili Peppers round out my love for Tuscanini! I was so excited to see this product available on the kosher market for the very first time and I have to commend Tuscanini for always striving to bring us more quality kosher products just like this. These peppers deliver a nice dose of heat and the oil in which they’re packed is infused with chili flavor as well. Dice them up and add to sandwiches, roasted veggies, soups, dips and loads more. Add whole peppers to stews or Moroccan fish. The possibilities are endless! Use the oil drizzled over sunny side up eggs or over an open faced matzah sandwich with cream cheese and lox or added to garlic confit, yum!

With so many new and exciting products available this year, I’m looking forward to bringing old Passover recipes to new light with some modern touches. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Passover! L’shana haba’a b’Yerushalayim! Let’s stop by the Tuscanini warehouse on the way.