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Apple Sandwiches


If you prefer the dough to filling ratio of your apple crumble/ apple kugel to skew more heavily toward the dough, you’ll want to give these crumble bars a try. The classic flavors of apple and cinnamon, apricot jam, and sweet crumb of the dough are a welcome addition to any occasion.



1. Prepare crumbly dough by mixing liquids first, then adding dry ingredients.
2. Press half of crumbs into a 11- by 17-inch lined cookie sheet.


1. Combine apples with lemon juice, cinnamon and sugar. Spread over jam.
2. Sprinkle remaining crumbs over apples.
3. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. Cut round circles with cookie cutter, or cut into two- and- a- half-inch squares.
4. Mix jam with juice and spread over dough.


Photography and Styling by Peri Photography