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Apricot-Ginger Glazed Turkey Roast


Eating lean protein like turkey helps you meet your protein needs without excess calories due to fat. That’s why I opted for a turkey breast here. Cooking it in the slow cooker resulted in a super-soft, super-moist roast. The garlic, ginger, and apricot enhance the flavor, and the carrots add beautiful, complementing color and taste. This can be made in advance and frozen.   Check out our complete collection of Rosh Hashanah recipes for mains, sides, soups, desserts, and more inspiration for the holiday.


For the Turkey Roast

1. Place onion in the bottom of a six-quart slow cooker. Place turkey breast on top. In a small bowl, combine the garlic, chili sauce, 1/4 cup wine, apricot preserves, mustard, soy sauce, honey, salt, and pepper. Smear all over the turkey breast.
2. Holding the ginger in one hand, use a peeler in the other hand to “slice” it widthwise into very thin slices. Place these slices all over the top of the turkey breast, pressing down slightly. Pour the remaining wine all around the roast, then add the water.
3. Turn slow cooker on high and cook for approximately five hours. Cool and transfer to a pan. Store gravy separately.
4. Refrigerate overnight and slice into medium-thick slices. Pour gravy over the roast before reheating. Serve with sweet carrots (instructions below) all around the roast.


You can also cook the turkey in a pot on the stovetop for about three hours or until soft and ready.

For the Sweet Glazed Carrots

1. Cook frozen carrots in a small amount of water until soft, but not too soft, about eight to 10 minutes. Drain well. Add remaining ingredients and combine well. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.


Food and Prop Styling by Renee Muller

Photography by Moishe Wulliger