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Big-Batch Stuffed Cabbage


Stuffed cabbage are a fundamental part of every traditional Ashkenazi Purim meal. While these meat-filled delights are enjoyed during multiple holidays, they have a special meaning on Purim. As you know, G-d’s name is notably absent from the Megillah, and the stuffed delicacies signify that Hashem is ever present, even when you can’t see him – much like the meat is hidden in its outer shell.


This is a family recipe.


Yields 60 to 70 portions


Prepare the Cabbage


Defrost the leaves thoroughly before using them so they don’t tear. Alternatively, you can buy a raw head of cabbage. Put the entire thing into the freezer for a few days and then defrost for a day or two in a pan because it will release water.

Prepare the Filling


Mix together the filling ingredients.



To fill the leaves, place the mixture on one end of a cabbage leaf and then roll it over once. Fold the two sides in and continue to roll.


In the bottom of a very deep pan, put cut-up cabbage pieces and some sauerkraut. You can also put some meat bones on the bottom if you’d like. Layer the cabbage rolls. You can make it two layers, but make sure there is room on the top of the pan for the cabbage to expand because the raw rice needs space when it cooks.


Mix tomato juice with some tomato sauce. Add some oil, a little salt and pepper, and some sugar to taste. Pour over the cabbage to cover very, very well. Put this pan onto a larger pan to catch any spillover.


Bake at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for about six hours. You can also bake it at 350 degrees for about three to four hours.