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Deep-Fried Chocolate Coins


Is it a donut? Or a chocolate coin? Why not combine both with this easy recipe for deep-fried coins! Provides all the warmth of fried melted chocolate without using yeast, no waiting for rising, and zero hassle!


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Yields: 8-10


For a more decadent fried treat, smear each coin with peanut butter and stack to make a sandwich like a Reese’s cup. Freeze. If you would rather skip the peanut butter, open up the coins from the wrapper and freeze them until ready.


Heat the canola oil on a small flame in a large pan until ready to fry. Mix the batter ingredients. Dip each frozen chocolate piece into a generous dollop of batter.


Fry on each side until golden brown and then drain on a paper towel. Top with powdered sugar.