Recipe by Clara Fatal

Hazelnut Crescents

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45 Servings
30 Minutes

These cookies look beautiful in a cellophane bag tied with a ribbon. Add a greeting card and you have the perfect gift.


Main ingredients

  • 2 cups flour

  • 1 stick (125 grams) margarine (use soy-free, if needed)

  • 1/2 cup sugar

  • 1 vanilla sugar

  • 1 egg white or 3 tablespoons Haddar Egg Whites


Make the Crescents


In a mixer, using the dough hook, cream together margarine, sugar and egg white until smooth. Add vanilla sugar and pinch of salt.


Slowly add flour and then hazelnuts. Stop mixer every so often and scrape the sides of the bowl to ensure all margarine gets absorbed. Work into soft, even dough.


To form cookies, pull off small pieces of dough and roll into thin ropes about 3 1/2 – 4 inches (9-10 cm) long. Curve the edges towards each other into a horseshoe shape. Place each cookie on a lined cookie sheet, leaving room for them to grow. Bake at 320 degrees Fahrenheit in a preheated oven for fifteen to twenty minutes, until cookies are firm. They will remain pale, which is fine. Let cool.


To decorate, melt bittersweet chocolate in the microwave. (You can use baking chocolate, but it won’t taste as good.) Dip the edges of each cookie into the chocolate (to a depth of at least 1/2 inch [1 and 1/2 cm]). Place on baking paper to dry.


Store in a tightly sealed container. These cookies keep well in the freezer for at least a month.


When melting chocolate in the microwave, it’s advisable to set the microwave for short periods of time and keep checking on the chocolate, so that it melts properly. Chocolate that is not melted well will become grainy and scorched.  

Make the Crescents

Yield: 90 crescents  

Hazelnut Crescents

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elisheva phirer
elisheva phirer
6 months ago

excellent cookie! the dough is a little brittle, I would probably add another half stick marge or reduce the flour. otherwise a great recipe.

2024 years ago

Very dry dough Dough was very hard to work with and although I baked them for 12 min instead of the recommended 15-20 it was dry as breadsticks…

Chay Alt
Chay Alt
7 years ago

Great Biscuit! Taste and texture is great. No need to use a dough hook – it did not bind well with it, I used a K-beater and the dough came together beautifully.
I used 20g of dough for each crescent, and rolled it slightly longer that advised – around 11 cm, and came out fab!

Chaia Frishman
Chaia Frishman
Reply to  Chay Alt
7 years ago

That’s a great idea! Thanks Chay.