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Hilbe (Fenugreek Paste)


Hilbe is a Yemenite paste made of fenugreek powder, spiced with a kick of schug.

Recipe by Esther Shor via Danielle Renov, as seen on Breaking Bread.



Place fenugreek in a large bowl and fill with water. Water should cover by two inches. Soak overnight.


The next day, pour the water out very carefully so as not to disturb the fenugreek that has settled on the bottom of the bowl (it’s okay if a little water remains). Add more cold water and soak again for another hour, then gently pour off again.


Repeat one more time (for a total of three soakings). After the last soaking, you do not need to pour off the water again. Transfer the contents to a mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Begin whisking on low speed gradually moving to medium high. Watch the magic as the fenugreek foams up and turns into the most incredible viscous consistency.


Once the hilbe has thickened and doubled in size, add the juice of all three lemons gradually, the salt, and as much or as little schug as you like. The dip may need a little more water. Taste and add water one tablespoon at a time until you achieve the consistency you like best!


Serve alongside kubana and everything else you love, and enjoy!