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Honeycomb Cookies


Aren’t these honeycomb cookies cute? With a sandwich cookie at the center, covered in chocolate, and topped with a candy bumblebee, these would be adorable laid out at each table setting. Or put some into boxes for teachers or to share with your neighbors.

Makes 10-12 cookies.


To Make the Honeycomb


Cut squares of bubble wrap large enough to cover the top of a sandwich cookie.


Place three-fourths of a white chocolate bar, one row of yellow chocolate bar and one square of the orange chocolate bar into a bowl and melt.


Dip sandwich cookies into the chocolate, place onto a parchment-lined sheet pan, then gently press a square bubble wrap onto the cookie.


Place the sheet pan into the fridge.

To Make the Bees


Place some chocolate chips into a zip-top bag and melt in the microwave. Cut off a bit of a corner of the bag, make some stripes and eyes on each bee.


Gently press in two slivered almonds as wings.

To Assemble


Mix some yellow, white and a bit of orange chocolate to make a “honey” color.


Remove the sheet pan with the cookies from the fridge and gentle peel off the bubble wrap.


Carefully drip some honey colored chocolate onto each cookie (optional: sprinkle with yellow sugar). And place a cute bumblebee onto it.