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Loaded Chocolate Bark in Gift Boxes

Parve Parve
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Bark for Your Bite! This bark is certainly worth the bite! To give you an idea of how tasty it is, I gave a sampling to a friend before Shabbos to try. She called me back frantically right after Shabbos to find out if it was milchigs — which it was not (aside from the one topped with Klik balls — please remember to mark them milchigs if you use Klik balls). The bark itself is great, but you can take it to the next level by choosing one of the fabulous toppings to fit your color scheme (or taste buds!). For a nice finishing touch (of course this can be used for any mishlaoch manos item), I decorated kraft boxes with ribbons and scrapbook paper, which comes in a plethora of sweet, pretty, and funky styles.


For more details on how to make this recipe visit: Crafts by Esther O: Bark